Two Bowl Slushie Machine -25 litres

From $ 220.00


Great for all kinds of private and corporate events such as birthdays, weddings and charities, our premier quality 25L 2-bowl slushie machine is exactly what you need for your event.
Each bowl can make up 52, 250 ml serves of absolutely enjoyable flavors of drink. The price includes 50 cups and straws for your guests. You also get to choose 2 cocktail mix flavors from many tasty choices for your event.

For a large event, refills are available at a lower rate if used at $25 ea. For awesome chilled drinks, we will need a table and power outlet to set up the machine 40-60 minutes before the event. Our rentals are easy to use, although you can also choose to have one of our operators serving everyone.
spoil your guests with a refreshing drink and book online one of our top of the range slushie machines.


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