Ride On Dinosaurs

From $ 900.00

2  Large Triceritops

1 Large Elephant

Each large dinosaur can handle up to 80kg
Remote controlled and makes dinosaur roaring noises
The set up surface required needs to be on a flat, hard ground.
For events at parks, pathways are ideal.
Space required 6m-9m x 3m

$900 for 2 Dinosaurs for 3 Hours + $250 per extra hour *Delivery fee may apply to some areas


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Travel back in time, not with a time machine, but with our exciting ride on dinosaurs. Our friendly
“monsters” will bring home some prehistoric fun right to your event.
With 3 large Triceritops and 1 large Anchisaurus, you have the list of perfect entertainers for your event.
Our ride on dinosaurs are sure to create a buzz at your event as everyone excitedly waits for their chance
to take these amazingly realistic creatures for a ride.
Whether it is a private birthday party, a corporate fun day, or a carnival celebration at the park, our ride
on dinosaurs are perfect for just about any event. For set up and to get the most out of the package, our
fun dinos will require a hard and level space.
Our ride on dinosaurs are perfect for kids of all ages. Each dinosaur can carry a weight of up to 80 Kgs.
Every experience on our ride on dinosaurs is always fun and exciting. Kids do tend to get too excited at
times and that is why we have our team keeping a watchful eye out and supervising the kids as they enjoy
the ride. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our patrons.
Our ride on dinosaurs are remote controlled by professionals who have mastered the art of making every
moment as natural and very realistic. That is not nearly enough as our dinos also make roaring sounds that
truly excite those enjoying the ride. As the dinos roar away, be sure that your guests will be laughing their
happy hearts away.
It is fun. It is exciting. And it’s an absolute favorite for many. Be sure to make your online booking today
and reserve our ride dinosaurs for your next event which will definitely go down in history for being
action-packed and fun.


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