Dinosaur Enclosure

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Fully animated
Full dinosaur enclosure 6m x 6m
Includes : Ride on T rex, giant egg,dinosaur nest with eggs, miniature display dinosaurs, display dinosaur skeleton, artificial plants, trees and rocks and dinosaur roaring sounds
$990 for 3 hours

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Perfect for School Incursions or Workshops!

Have a little taste of the Jurassic world with our dinosaur enclosure. If your little ones are great dinosaur
fans, you cannot possibly go wrong with this fully animated miniaturized dinosaur-themed play park.
The enclosure stretch to a length and width of 6 M on either side, which is enough room to hold a number
of kids at a time. The kids can interact some more as they take the journey back into time together and
create memorable moments that they will look back on with excitement.
Our dinosaur enclosure is as real as it can get, complete with trees, rocks and artificial plants. Something
else to add to the sights in this enclosure is a display dinosaur skeleton. Standing out in all its glory is a
giant dinosaur egg whose sheer size always inspires a sense of awe even as the little minds run wild with
all kinds of imagination. That is not all as the enclosure also has a dinosaur nest, complete with a number
of miniature eggs.
The kids will sure have a roaring time like no other. Realistic and fully animated roars make for the
sounds to complement the many sights to the enclosure for a real fun experience. The kids will truly feel
like they have travelled back in time.
Away from the sights and sounds, the kids will absolutely love riding on the back of a T Rex Our
assistants will help the younger kids get onto the back and keep a watchful eye to ensure that they are safe
at all times.
Our dinosaur enclosure is the perfect spot for some wholesome prehistoric fun and thrills. It is a
guaranteed hit for kids of all ages and both boys and girls will absolutely love it.
For a day of fun and prehistoric adventure, make your online booking today.


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